Electric Foot Sofa Bed/ Foot Massage Model #W-28

Price: $450.00
Manufacture: ACU
Model: W-28
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 150.00 lbs

Electric Foot Sofa Bed/ Foot Massage Model #W-28

Color is available

  • Color: Yellow Flower


  • Sofa Size(Full Body Massage style)-56"(L) x 33"(w)x 18.5"(H)
  • Foot Rest Stool Size: 19.5(L) x 27.5" (w)
  • Woker Stool Size: 10"(L) x 14" (w)


  • W-24 Electric Foot Massage Sofa set
  • Electric Automatic Remote Control to Adjust the Sofa
  • Face Hole for Full body massage
  • Adjustable Foot bath Massage sofa set
  • Able Adjust to a sofa Bed for Full Body Massage use
  • With Hand rest

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