Styling Station-36" Single Wall Mount-Model # HT-8741

Price: $274.00 $197.00
Manufacture: B.S.F
Model: HT-8741
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 100.00 lbs

Styling Station-36" Single Wall Mount-Model # HT-8741

Color is available in:

  • Black and Platinum Matte Finish
  • Other colors are available in:
  • Formica
  • Color image not 100% accurate because of light reflection


  • Appliance holder on the top right side
  • 2 curling iron holders - 1" 1/2
  • 1 blow dryer holder - 2"1/2
  • 1 drawer in the middle
  • Built-in electrical outlets


  • Height 7" x Width 16" x Length 36"
  • All dimensions listed are approximations

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