LED Nail Polish Display-Model # PR-84D

Price: $1,600.00
Manufacture: B.S.F
Model: PR-84D
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 500.00 lbs

LED Nail Polish Display-Model # PR-84D


  • White Gloss and Black Gloss
  • Other colors are available in:
  • Formica
  • Color image not 100% accurate because of light reflection


  • Convenience polish rack with 2 open sides
  • 7 shelves for polish display
  • Fits more than 450 bottles of polishes
  • Fits 2 rows of polishes per shelf
  • Magazine display at the bottom
  • 4 bottom drawers for storage
  • Logo with LED light can be custom made to your salon name
  • This station takes 1 week to build


  • Length 48" x Width 16" x Height 85"
  • All dimensions listed are approximations

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This item is shipped via freight truck not UPS, FedEx, or DHL
Delivery to outside curb or near the front door
It will take 10-12 business days

For more information contact us at (626)575-1912 or (626)-575-1917.

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