Pedicure Spa-Model # Murano Spa

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Pedicure Spa-Model # Murano Spa

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25th Anniversary Murano Spa Limited Edition

      Since its inception, Murano was recognized as the true luxury leader. With its elegant European-inspired lines, graceful contour and one-of-a-kind custom glass bowl, the Murano spa has become the icon of the luxury spa industry. In celebration of our 25th anniversary, European Touch has created the Murano Limited Edition.  This special edition has been designed with luxurious Russian Tea upholstery and a deep rich brown base combined with the classic glass basin in gold. Updating an icon is not that easy. The Limited Edition Murano Spa incorporates the number one pipe-free Clean Touch technology  and new sweeping foot rest, while maintaining the iconic design features that are Murano. Customers will feel pampered with the unique air relaxation system and electronic gravity seat. Relaxation at the touch of a button. The European Touch 25th Anniversary Murano Limited Edition is a first class experience from head to toe.


Murano with Clean Touch Technology:


  • Clean Touch Pipe-Free Technology provides exceptional sanitation control while maintaining the invigorating massage benefits for which European Touch is known
  • All components that come in contact with water may be easily removed, cleaned and sanitized, providing each client with the purest beginning to any pedicure service 



  • At the touch of a button, the technician can raise or lower the basin by 7"
  • Allows ergonomic positioning throughout the entire pedicure process
  • Allows all clients, regardless of their height, to experience the relaxing water massage


  • Chair tilts back, providing a comfortable reclined position, as well as tilts forward and swivels to assist clients in and out of the chair
  • Customize your spa with oversized manicure trays (shown in photo)
  • Non-porous, gel-coated fiberglass base and glass basin allow for easy and thorough cleaning
  • Adjustable pillow provides comfortable head and neck support for clients of all heights
  • Air Caress Relaxation System provides a calming and soothing client massage
  • Convenient hand sprayer allows technician to easily rinse out the basin


  • Each leg support moves independently for perfect positioning of legs and feet to offer the ultimate support for both the client and the technician
  • Allows client’s foot to be elevated and immobile for technician to work freely with both hands
  • Allows client to be completely relaxed and pampered without having to use any effort to hold their leg up for the technician

 Optional Upgrade Features:

  • Custom Color Glass Basin: Gold of Health
  • Brushed Nickel Arm Inserts

 Client Chair & Accessories:

  • ErgoPro Technician Chair
  • Pedicurist Chair
  • Manicurist Stool
  • Pedicurist Stool with Backrest
  • Accessory Cart (black only)
  • Adjustable Height Euro Palm Chair
  • All-Round Euro Palm Chair
  • Mini Euro Palm Pedicurist Chair

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