Shampoo Chair-Model # SHH-1751BK

Price: $600.00
Manufacture: YC
Model: SHH-1751BK
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 400.00 lbs

Shampoo Chair-Model # SHH-1751BK

Color is available in

  • Black


  • Vacuum breaker: +$40.00


  • Elegant backwash shampoo chairs featuring wood armrests
  • Adjustable ceramic bowl with vinyl armrests
  • Looks great in any salon 


  • Coming soon
  • All dimension listed are approximation

Plumbing Requirements:

  • All plumbing must meet local plumbing codes. Because codes vary widely between jurisdictions, we cannot be held responsible for knowing all local plumbing codes. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the purchaser and/or the installer to be sure that all the backwash shampoo chairs and its installation conform to local plumbing codes
  • Products using water supply lines made of rubber and/or braided stainless hoses deteriorate over time. Hoses should be inspected frequently for leaks, damage, cracks, bulges, rust, corrosion, etc. At a minimum, hoses should be replaced annually. Failure to inspect and replace could result in water damage to property and facilites.


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This item is shipped via freight truck not UPS, FedEx, or DHL
Delivery to outside curb or near the front door
It will take 10-12 business days

For more information contact us at (626)575-1912 or (626)-575-1917.

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