Mini Moonshadow With Light-Model # WWMMC-LT

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Manufacture: WF
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Weight: 70.00 lbs

Mini Moonshadow With Light-Model # WWMMC-LT



  • This gorgeous tabletop fountain features a slate panel hanging from a Dark Copper powder coated frame
  • Water flows out of the tube, down the slate, passed the layer of polished river stones, and into the pool of water
  • Creates a great centerpiece for any table and comes complete with a quiet drive pump and light

Key Virtues and benefits of having an indoor water feature in their home and business:

  • Increases negative ions
  • Negative ions can exert an appreciative effect on cognitive performance
  • Removes atmospheric dirt particles
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Reduces dry sinuses, bloody noses and cracked lips due to arid climates
  • Purifies and provides moisture in enclosed spaces
  • Helps to control humidity in a room and reduce microscopic dust particles
  • Aesthetically more pleasing than external office or home air purifiers 

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