Hot Summer Bamboo Package

Price: $21,770.00 $19,593.00
Manufacture: B.S.F
Model: Bamboo
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 0.00 lbs

All Furniture, Spa and Cabinet made in USA

***10% OFF Package Deal, ONLY available during SUMMER***

You Save: $2177.00

Color is available in:

  • Manicure Table and Reception Desks Color: Formica # 6930-NT (Natural Cane)-Naturelle Finish & Arborite # P-297CA (Tatami Wasabi) Trim
  • Costumer Chairs and Technician chairs colors is: Cappuccino and light green

Package included:

  • 6 Pedicure Spa-Model # La Lili 2
  • 6 Manicure Table-Model # NT-123-BB
  • 6 Pedicure Spa Trolley-Model # SPT-3003
  • 6 Customer Chair-Model # 02B-2
  • 6 Technician Chair Model # PL-206C
  • 1 Reception Desk-Model # RD-123-BB
  • 1 Display Case-Model # DPC-62
  • All Furniture takes 1-2 weeks to build

Call for Shipping Information
This item is shipped via freight truck not UPS, FedEx, or DHL
Delivery to outside curb or near the front door
It will take 10-12 business days

For more information contact us at (626)575-1912 or (626)-575-1917.

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