Automated Steamers- Model # FS-201

Price: $350.00
Manufacture: YC
Model: FS-201
Availability: In Stock
Weight: 15.00 lbs

Automated Steamers-Model # FS-201
Price List:

  • On Sale: $350.00
  • Taiwan Made

Color is available in:

  • Color is available as a picture shown


  • Automated Steamers
  • Moisten and cleanse your skin.
  • Steam causes pores to expand and stimulates blood circulation. Each of the following steamers includes ozone settings to sterilize the steam. FS-201 has an adjustable arm, 30 mm. timer, automatic shut-off, ozone setting, and heat protection cover.
  • FS-201...... Facial Steamer Square, Taiwan Made


Replacement Parts for this machine:

  • FS-201GJ...... Glass Jar (same size as FS-386)
  • FS-201HTR...... Heater (same size as FS-386, 230, 8IN1)
  • FS-201THE...... Thermostat (same as FS-386, 230, 8IN1)

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