Pedicure Spa-Model # The Maestro

Pedicure Spa-Model # The Maestro


  • Design
  • Pivoting Leg Support
  • Leading Technology


  • Solid surface basin
  • NoPipe Jet System
  • Real Cherry Wood Veneers
  • Design & Built in the USA


  • Acoustic Massage
  • Seat Recline & Movement
  • 1800 Swiveling Seat
  • Foot Massage Rollers
  • Lumbar Support & Adjustable Headrest

The Maestro

  • Forget everything you know about pedicure spas. From a stunning original design to a new standard in quality and performance, The Maestro Pedicure Spa rewrites all the rules
  • Curved cherry wood accents, a handcrafted basin, and premium components add durability and value. Unlike plastic 'look alike' footspas, The Maestro promises an alternative experience guaranteed to satisfy the most discriminating clientele
  • From the handcrafted basin to the curved cherry wood veneers, The Maestro is quite literally "a work of art." Set your salon apart with a one of a kind Maestro Pedicure Spa from Continuum

Auto Fill-Dual Seat Controls-NoPipe Jets  

  • A touch of the Fill button activates a relaxing waterfall that automatically fills the basin to the proper level. Auto-Fill saves water by ensuring the basin fills to the same level each time and gives you peace of mind with overflow protection. A conveniently located keypad controls Auto-Fill, NoPipe jets, handheld sprayer, drain and all seat movements allowing the technician to move the chair back and forth without having to disturb a relaxing client. The client also has full control of the seat using the control pad located on the armrest

Extremely durable-5-year limited warranty

  • Easily cleaned Invigorating Handcrafted from a solid surface material similar to Corian, the Maestro's basin is the finest in the industry. Backed by a five-year limited warranty the basin is stain and bleach resistant. Unlike typical plastic tubs, our basin continues to look brand new when cleaned with abrasive cleaners and pads. This beautiful basin also features patent pending integrated footrests, removable foot massage rollers and a built-in fill spout with gravity drain overflow protection.

Distinctive curved design-Rich look and feel

  • You decide. A pedicure spa made with real cherry wood veneers or a plastic look alike? The Maestro features rich cherry wood specially treated with a durable industrial-grade finish. This water resistant finish ensures the cherry wood veneer will retain its full color and characteristics for years.

Comfortably positions short and tall clients

  • The Maestro's stylish and comfortable chair reclines and moves quietly and smoothly. Client and technician have full control of seat movement allowing a tech to easily move the chair up to 10 inches without having to inconvenience a relaxing client.

Sit back & relax  

  • An integrated lumbar support and adjustable headrest provide an optimal resting position to reduce physical stress thus enhancing the pedicure experience.

Total Leg support, not just foot support

  • Innovation meets functionality. The Maestro's dual and independent leg supports pivot upward to support the entire leg, not just the foot. Feet are perfectly positioned for massage and pedicure treatments. Gone is the strenuous task of supporting the client's leg with one hand while trying to work on the bottom of the foot with the other hand. Comfort for both client and technician are finally achieved.

Easily cleaned-Invigorating

  • The Maestro Pedicure Spa features whisper quite NoPipe Jet Technology providing your client a strong and invigorating massage that is truly sensational. Jet covers simply twist off for quick and easy one-step cleaning, no removable foot plates or hard to reach areas.

Quality components-Manufactured locally

  • The Maestro's quality is second to none. Backed by the industry's best limited Warranty, The Maestro is built to last.

Safe and convenient

  • Getting in and out of a pedicure chair has never been easier. A low-profile seat, only 22 inches off the floor, swivels in either direction ensuring clients of all ages and heights can easily and safely get in and out of The Maestro.

More than just jets

  • Complimenting the invigorating NoPipe Jets are two (2) removable foot massage rollers located in the basin. These patent pending rollers allow your client to gently massage the bottom of their feet by rolling them back and forth.

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This item is shipped via freight truck not UPS, FedEx, or DHL
Delivery to outside curb or near the front door
It will take 10-12 business days

For more information contact us at (626)575-1912 or (626)-575-1917.

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