Reception Desk-Model # RD-105

Price: $1800.00 $1,499.00
Manufacture: BSF


Model: RD-105
Available: In Stock
Weight: 200.00 lbs

Reception Desk-Model # RD-105

Color is available in:

  • White Gloss with white Black Tufted leather
  • Other colors are available in:
  • Formica
  • Color image not 100% accurate because of light reflection


  • The stylish reception desks can place to any center or corner to the beauty salon
  • Black tufted leather in front
  • The desk had locked to ensure safety for valuable items


  • Height 42″ x Width 18″ x Length 47″


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Delivery to outside curb or near the front door
It will take 10-12 business days


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